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Supported by Norwich SIR Honor Society
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Summit Closing Cruise - Capital Elite Yachts
Norwich Collective Academic Societies know how to have a great time in a collaborative setting. Cruising down the Potomac River taking in the fall foliage tops the list to imprint lasting memories until next years event. 

We are proud to combine intellectual excellence with life affirming experiences to solidify our sense of community.
Yacht Info
The Yacht comes from a fleet of 30 vessels that service Boston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The company has been in the entertainment cruise business for over 35 years, serving over 1.5 million passengers annually. They are inspired by a commitment of excellence to create unforgettable memories.

From the Chesapeake Bay to Lake Michigan and the Potomac, the fleet reduces water pollution by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, a water efficient dishwashing system, and all vessels are powered by Ultra-Low Diesel fuel to reduce carbon emissions from the engines.
Embarkation Info
Limited car and bus paid parking is available just steps away from the dock at the open-air Colonial Parking lot. Take a taxi for easy drop off or bring your car and prepare with cash only for parking. *Please be aware that construction of The Wharf may block certain streets and entrances.

Cars: Thursday - Sunday $17        

Enter Yacht at Pier #4 at 8:30am
The Meal
Board the yacht and head up to the top aft deck where you will be greeted with a Mimosa or Fresh Orange Juice. Announcements will be made to close out our event as the vessel departs at 08:45. You will have a choice of sitting inside the dining area or enjoying your meal on the top deck. Vegetarian and Regular Brunch will be offered buffet style with beverages (Danish, Breads, Eggs, Potatoes, Meat and Salads).. The yacht cruises at a steady pace allowing you to enjoy your meal without disruption and take in the view!
S​ummit on Global Political Stability
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Sept. 15th