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About Norwich & The Summit
Norwich University holds a historic place in American History, as the oldest private military school in the nation and the first military school to admit an African American Cadet. Since 1819, the founder (Capt. Alden Partridge) insisted upon innovation, growth, and historic breakthroughs. 

The Summit is a time for all academic societies and students to come together and carry forward those very ideals. In keeping with our mission of civilian and military excellence, lectures and keynote addresses will cover the fields of Politics, Governance, Economics, Private Sector, Non-profit work, Global Health, Intelligence,and Education.  

Not from Norwich? Come and connect with Alumni, meet potential employers, network with other academic and political scholars in your field. Renew your excitement to serve the world by listening to first hand information from top speakers in Global Affairs.

Families can enjoy the sights of Washington, D.C. or purchase a ticket and join you for the Summit!
S​ummit on Global Political Stability
Challenges, Solutions, Opportunities
About the Summit Producer

A.R.Pashayan has served humanity since 2006 with non-profit, hands-on private projects in Indonesia, South America, North America, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Australia, India, and Nepal. In 2013 her intention turned towards politics to supplement her contribution to the world. Graduating Norwich University with Honors achieving a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, the summit is now among other conferences produced globally to advance initiatives for global understanding and international peace among nations and peoples.  

Among other things, the goal of the summit is to raise sufficient funds to offer scholarship(s) to Norwich University Graduate Student Degree Programs.

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Sept. 15th